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20 Days, 20 Ways to Use Content Marketing at Your Nonprofit

Day 20: Your Next Steps?

Posted by Kivi Leroux Miller on Mar 14, 2014

You made it! Thank you so much for completing this 20 Days, 20 Ways journey with us! As we wrap up, I encourage you to think about your next steps. We’ve covered a lot of ground. What do you have under control, and what needs much more attention? Today’s...

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Day 19: Find the Metaphors That Work for You

Posted by Kivi Leroux Miller on Mar 13, 2014

I admit it: I am a total geek for a good metaphor. And I also LOVE it when nonprofits use humor effectively. Humor is harder to pull off, so let’s start with metaphors. Find the right one and it makes explaining your otherwise complicated, technical, or wonky...

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Day 18: Curating Content by Others

Posted by Kivi Leroux Miller on Mar 12, 2014

Curating content is a essential skill for content marketers and content creators. So much of our work builds on the work of others, so many people are creating amazing content that our own readers would love, and there are only so many hours in our own work days. The...

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Day 17: Get More Creative with Your Copy

Posted by Kivi Leroux Miller on Mar 11, 2014

Yesterday, we looked at the Six Rs of Message Relevance. But there are also many easy ways to create content that people will love. I compiled my favorites into the “Swiss Army Knife” chapter. It’s full of your go-to formats as a content creator. One...

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Day 16: Making Your Messaging More Relevant

Posted by Kivi Leroux Miller on Mar 10, 2014

Welcome to our fourth and final week of the Book Club! This week is all about making your individual pieces of content even more effective, starting with the Six Rs of Message Relevance: Rewarding Realistic Real Time Responsive Revealing Refreshing I found myself...

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Day 15: How to Repurpose Your Content

Posted by Kivi Leroux Miller on Mar 7, 2014

It’s really the only way to survive in your new role as a media mogul — you must repurpose content! Repurposing makes sense for lots of reasons: it allows you to repeatedly share your core messages and calls to action without entirely repeating yourself,...

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