Day 12: Sketching Out Some Story Arcs


In yesterday’s worksheet, you started brainstorming events, milestones, and calls to action for your Big Picture Communications Timeline.

But that’s not all you need — you also want to think about the larger story or stories you want to tell over the course of the year. The beginnings, middles, and ends of your stories create what we call a story arc. As best you can, try to map these arcs out on your Big Picture Communications Timeline too.

Today’s Reading in the Book

Finish reading Chapter 7 – Mapping It Out: Sketching Out Your Big Picture Communications Timeline

Today’s Worksheet in the Companion Workbook

Identifying Your Major Story Arcs. See Page 29 in the Workbook.

Share and Discuss

Which part of the story is your nonprofit good at telling – the beginning, middle or end? Which part needs some work?  Share in the comments on this post, or on the related status update on Facebook.

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  • Nicole

    We stumbled by trying to do the middle before we had a firm beginning for our story. At our recent retreat, we realized we need a better foundation within our programming so that we can better work toward the goals we seek to realize in Act III. I am attempting to make the corresponding shift in our communications.