Day 15: How to Repurpose Your Content


It’s really the only way to survive in your new role as a media mogul — you must repurpose content!

Repurposing makes sense for lots of reasons: it allows you to repeatedly share your core messages and calls to action without entirely repeating yourself, it gives you additional content for all those channels you are managing, and it saves you lots of time.

All of us, even those of us who think we do a good job at repurposing now, can always learn better or more creative ways to go about it.

Today’s Reading in the Book

Chapter 10 – Conserving Energy on the Trail: Repurposing Your Original Content

Today’s Worksheet in the Companion Workbook

Adding New Ways to Repurpose Your Content. See Page 35 in the Workbook.

Share and Discuss

What will you add to your list of ways to repurpose your content? Share something you circled on the worksheet.  Share in the comments on this post, or on the related status update on Facebook.

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