Day 16: Making Your Messaging More Relevant


Welcome to our fourth and final week of the Book Club!

This week is all about making your individual pieces of content even more effective, starting with the Six Rs of Message Relevance:

  • Rewarding
  • Realistic
  • Real Time
  • Responsive
  • Revealing
  • Refreshing

I found myself telling nonprofits to be more relevant, but quickly realized “relevant” was really hard to define! So I put some more thinking into it and came up with the Six Rs as a way to help you think through the possibilities. Everything you publish should have at least one of the Rs, and hopefully more, built into it.

Today’s Reading in the Book

Chapter 12 –  Living in the Moment: Creating Content for the Here and Now

Today’s Worksheet in the Companion Workbook

Using the Six R’s to Create More Relevant Content. See Page 36 in the Workbook.

Share and Discuss

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  • Nicole

    Playing catchup here! Sadly, I think the R with which we have the most trouble is “Rewarding”, mainly because the ones touting those rewards are mainly, well, us! I am brainstorming ways to get our constituents into the conversation, and have initiated surveys to start gathering quotes and feedback on what exactly they do find rewarding about efforts.