Day 18: Curating Content by Others


Curating content is a essential skill for content marketers and content creators. So much of our work builds on the work of others, so many people are creating amazing content that our own readers would love, and there are only so many hours in our own work days.

The key to being a good content curator isn’t just collecting the content, but knowing how to add your own value to it. That’s what we’ll explore today.

Today’s Reading in the Book

Chapter 14 –  Foraging and Filtering: Curating Content Created by Others

Today’s Worksheet in the Companion Workbook

Adding Value to Curated Content. See Page 42 in the Workbook.

Share and Discuss

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  • Nicole

    We see a lot of sharing of news features on our social media – by both our leadership and our membership. When we are in person, the dialogue around these issues is a lot more in-depth and exploratory. I’d like to challenge our membership to dig into these stories more than just sharing, and play with some (strategic and tactful) devil’s advocacy. This may be a good way to re-appropriate the news that is catching attention by our membership and use it to develop greater dialogue.

    • Kivi Leroux Miller

      I like it Nicole! Sharing opinions and being a little provactive is a great way to add value to curated content.