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Pre-order a copy of Content Marketing for Nonprofits in July and forward your receipt to us at preorder@contentmarketingfornonprofits.com.

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Invitation Only Webinar

Free invitation to a special webinar on July 31 (1:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern) for book buyers only. We will send you a recording link too if you can't make it live. During the webinar, Kivi will give you a sneak peek at some of the big ideas in the book, and answer your content marketing questions.

Advance Copy of Chapter One

You'll be the very first to read the first chapter of the book, "Hearing the Call of the Wild: The Case for Changing Your Communications Approach"

Worksheet: Big Picture Communications Timeline

This worksheet will help you map out the events, milestones, calls to action and story arcs that you will build your communications around (Chapter 7 in the book).

Worksheet: Core Topics List

 This worksheet will help you decide which topics you want to be known for and how to integrate them into your communications plan (Chapter 8 in the book).

Worksheet: Editorial Calendar Decisions

This worksheet will help you create an action plan that describes what you'll publish in each of your communications channels and when (Chapter 9 in the book).