Work with Kivi

Would you like to work directly with Kivi to apply Content Marketing for Nonprofits to your organization?

Kivi will review your existing communications with you to identify opportunities for your nonprofit to more effectively use a content marketing approach.  This review will examine many of the questions raised in Section One of the book, such as

How much of your communications strategy is "interruption" marketing versus "attraction" marketing?

How much are you communicating to the "inner bookkeeper" versus the "inner angel"?

What's the goal of your communications strategy and how could more emphasis on content marketing help you reach it more quickly?

Fee: $5,000  

How Long Will It Take? Typically 6-8 Weeks

Kivi will walk you through the creation of your Big Picture Communications Timeline, your Core Topics List, and your Editorial Calendar -- the three documents that make up your content marketing strategy as described in Section Three of the book.  This will typically require weekly phone calls and at least one in-person work day.

Fee: $10,000 - $15,000  depending on amount of travel needed

How Long Will It Take? Typically 3-4 months

In addition to helping you create your content marketing strategy, Kivi can also help you sort through a variety of branding, policy, staffing, and management issues that may come up as you implement the strategy, many of which are discussed in the book.

She will also help you and your staff troubleshoot at every step along the way. Weekly phone calls are common, along with at least one or two in-person work days.

This is a great way to provide your team with some on-the-job training and coaching.

Fee: Starting at $20,000  

How Long Will It Take? Typically 6-8 months